FIX protocol review

January 11, 2013

Important FIX messages :
1) D : New Order
2) G: Order Replace Request
3) F : Order Cancel Request
4) 8 : Execution Request
5) 9 : Order Cancel Reject


February 27, 2012

1. Difference between Tibco EMS and RV : link

2. Tibco Tutorials : link

3. A very nice tutorial on SOA and the messaging patterns used in SOA.

4. A brief history of Tibco

Tibco RV doesn’t support transactional messaging because of the publish subscribe architecture. The messages are stored in flat files and not in a database like in EMS. Guaranteed delivery is a feature of the hub and spoke architecture in EMS. So, EMS is good for transactional messaging while RV is good for publishing market data type of messages which are valid for only a short span of time.

Jargons :

MAMA : Middleware agnostic messaging API

NYSE technologies : HFT tickerplant and One Tick